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Tritium offers energy freedom through flexible, scalable technology solutions that enable electric vehicle fast charging for everyone, everywhere it is needed. Tritium's Veefil electric vehicle charging stations support the adoption and growth of low-emission e-mobility in over 20 countries around the world.


Why support the 7th EV Charge Point Symposium?


Tritium is committed to offering innovative, reliable and relevant EV fast charging solutions. Critical to this mission is being connected to thought leaders and innovators who are dedicated to advancing adoption of e-mobility around the world. This symposium is seen by us as an important event to connect with people who are passionate about e-mobility and seeking solutions to make electric vehicles and the necessary charging infrastructure a reality.




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A major international player in the creation and manufacturing of solutions of fast charge for every new generation of electric vehicles. We provide solutions for on-board  chargers for industrial and consumer vehicles markets. Based on our ELIPS and KEYWATT high-frequency technology, our solutions help meet the new challenges of electromobility, by providing optimized solutions in terms of size and highest reliability for outdoor use.


Why support the 7th EV Charge Point Symposium?




IES is pleased to become partnerNice EV Charge Point Symposium. Highly involved around the development of charging solutions, we believe that the adoption of electric vehicle has to go through suitable sizing in charging infrastructure network. In order to enable the charging of vehicle for those with no access to private parking, (more than 35% of households in France), 50% in major cities, and 72 percent in Paris, the availability of support points  in urban areas has become a crucial element.  IES has recently developed new charging stations, providing universal, compact and economic solutions in an attempt to address this issue. Designed to charge in 1 hour on average for all vehicles on the market, they will allow a charge in minimal time, while we shop, we go to the restaurant that we park in cities all at optimized cost. Through EV Charge Point Symposium in Nice, we want to raise the industry's awareness on this topic and participate in discussions around these new ideas.

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Efacec Electric Mobility is a company of Efacec Power Solutions and its mission is to develop safe and clean energy solutions for the electric mobility market. It is devoted to make electric vehicles part of people's life, offering a full range of Electric Vehicles Chargers for private, public, fast, ultra fast and wireless segments. Features such as innovation and high performance reflect a products portfolio in continuous development covering the most demanding and emerging market needs.


Why support the 7th EV Charge Point Symposium?



Efacec is a world leader in fast and ultra fast charging. We believe that more than being present at events related to electric mobility, being part of them is very important to keep all players in the sector connected to each other. The 7th EV Charge Point Symposium is an event in which we have been assiduous and we consider to be very interesting for the sector.






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Chargemap publishes the mobile application leader in Europe for charging stations and brings together a community of 150 000 drivers of electric cars in 20 countries. It also sells the Chargemap Pass, a solution of access and payment to multi-network charging stations.


Why support the 7th EV Charge Point Symposium?



Chargemap associated with the EV Charge Point Symposium as a show of it's support of this event, which is a reference on the question of charging infrastructure. With the launch of its service of electric mobility, Chargemap wishes to support the exchanges that take place at the symposium because it allows the industry to move towards a better quality of service for drivers of electric cars.


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E Totem offers a comprehensive solution around EV charging solutions;

- design and manufacture of charging stations for road or private sector sites (designed and made in France)

- editing and customization of the supervision software; tool for 1st level maintenance link to CRM marketing tool... (Edition and accommodation in France, renewable energy label and made in respect)


Full project management to support the national level deployment

- fleet management of charging terminals for private groups, public administration or for its own account; definition of the best locations, search for partnerships, sale of subscription and of charge as well as network management.


Why support the 7th EV Charge Point Symposium?



In a sector still under construction, it is important to have a time amongst EV Charge professionals to get to know each other, to talk about and share our visions and our activities.

Since 2012 E-Totem has developed significantly. Up until now our communication has been rather low key despite some important successes and markets.

Isabelle, knows the ecosystem and knows how to gather this milieu, we trust her to help us to establish ourselves.


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PROVIRIDIS's designer, developer and operator of production and fuel distribution systems of low emission fuels , such as natural gas for vehicles (NGV), hydrogen and electricity. In addition to the deployment of its network of stations for heavy vehicles CNG and H2 stations, PROVIRIDIS develops a new generation of high-speed electric charging stations based on a management system of battery to battery flow..


Why support the 7th EV Charge Point Symposium?



It is necessary to prepare the influx of electric vehicles by developing fast charging and ultra-fast solutions capable of responding to the constraints of the electricity network. The EV Charge Point Symposium the perfect place to share our thoughts with the key players in this area.



A warm welcome to our loyal partner : SCHNEIDER Electric



Why is Schneider Electric an EV Charge Point Symposium supporter since 2014 ?


The annual rendez-vous in Nice is a must attend for events related to electric mobility. Schneider Electric is heavily involved in this area.

As a global specialist in energy management and automation present in more than 100 countries, we offer energy solutions for many sectors of activities.

The symposium is a unique opportunity to exchange with all stakeholders, as this market is in constant evolution and transformation.

International exchanges are rich during the 2 days and allow us to increase our understanding of the values of our respective clients.

As such, we support this event and we will participate actively in discussions.



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