13 & 14 /03/2018

6th EV Charge Point Symposium


Program extracts

CNR : 1st private fast charge corridor powered by 100% renewable energy

Frédéric STORCK, Energy Director, Compagnie Nationale du Rhône, CNR


Green energy, a ‘must have’ for EV adoption in Europe

Senan McGRATH, Chairman of the board, Eurelectric


Deployment plans: what headway among EU members?

Hugues Van HONACKER, Senior Expert, DG Move, CE


Battery evolution, increased charge point power, where are we heading?

Olivier PATURET, Expert in Ultra Fast Charging & e-Mobility Services Edouard CEREUIL,  Responsable Energies, Morbihan Energies

Eric MURET, Responsable IRVE, ABB France

Pedro SILVA, Managing Director, Efacec Electric Mobility


How Northern Europe is tackling interoperability

Rami SYVARI, Head International Sales & Business Development,

FORTUM Charge & Drive, Finland


Roaming on a daily basis: the French example

Arnaud MORA, Président & Fondateur, Freshmile


From High Power to Ultra fast Charging : testimonial

Jörg LOHR, Program Director High Power Charging, Allego


Payment : what solutions at what cost?

Quentin DUCREUX, Business Development Manager, PlugSurfing

Aimery de VANDIERE, Directeur, syndicat Siege 27 (Eure)

Arnaud MORA, Président & Fondateur, Freshmile

Romain VINCENT, Président, Plus de Bornes


Supervision solutions: an emerging market

Jean-Marie RACINE, Directeur commercial, Freshmile Services

Christophe GAILLARD, Gérant, SGA Automation


New services : parking & roaming

Ludovic BROQUEREAU, Directeur Marketing et commercial, HIKOB


Acces to public/private financing : How to…

Richard FERRER, Senior Project Manager, INEA, European Commission

Laurent MONNIN, Directeur d’investissement – Mobilité durable, CDC


« EVs and networks: status and perspectives»

Jean-Baptiste GALLAND, Directeur de la  stratégie, ENEDIS


Hearing it from a bus network operator : testimonial

Philippe PERTIN, Service projets, Ligne d’Azur


Alternative fuels: complimentarity is key to optimise charge points!

Eric RONCO, Président Directeur Général, Proviridis



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