13 & 14 /03/2018

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The electric vehicle ecosystem once again came together in Nice for the 7th edition EV charging infrastructure Symposium. During two days of experts of quality came to share feedback on deployments of terminals, as well as experiments on new products and services. They presented projects that will soon be implemented in terms of ultrafast or smart charging. Isabelle Rivière, symposium organizer makes an initial assessment of the event.


What were your objectives when choosing the major topics discussed at the EV Charge Point Symposium 2018?

I wanted this year's focus particularly to be on high power charging as well as on smart charging. These two subjects will evolve hand in hand since high power charging implies necessarily storage and smart energy management. Beyond these two major themes, we discussed recurring subjects such as interoperability, the feedback on the networks in France and abroad, the European funding. We also discussed a currently emerging theme: the importance of charging in the city in order to facilitate the transition of a large population's without private parking, to electric vehicles.


In the end, what feedback did you receive on the part of the participants of this event?

The return was very enthusiastic because, for most participants, the exchanges were very successful. For them, the CVharge Point Symposium represents a unique professional meeting place, during which many contacts are formed and many cases are treated. The side business of the event is further reinforced by the quality of the participants, with companies represented at the highest level, often by their head leaders. Participants wish to continue attending these meetings because they consider that they are an essential part of the electric mobility ecosystem. I must say that we are already working with them on some adjustments to prepare for the future.

 Summary the EV Charge Point Symposium 2018 Edition by Isabelle Rivière

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